Quick Tip: Genesis Easter Egg

This has already been somewhat documented throughout the Web, but for those that don’t know about it, Genesis includes an “easter egg” (it’s documented as such in the code) that allows you to turn any static page into a post archive. To do so, edit the “Custom Fields” for the page. Add a new custom […]

Quick Tip: Assigning Admins Within Multisite

Anyone with a large multisite installation has probably been there before; when you set up a new site, you set yourself as the main administrator just to get through the setup process, but then you want to hand it off to someone else. You go to Settings -> General in the administration area and put […]

Quick Tip: Getting Feeds With More Than One Tag

In most normal circumstances, when you want to pull a feed from your WordPress site, you’re simply looking to pull one of the following: The main feed (all posts) – http://www.example.edu/feed/ A specific category – http://www.example.edu/category/your-category/feed/ A specific tag – http://www.example.edu/tag/your-tag/feed/ A specific term in a custom taxonomy – http://www.example.edu/your-taxonomy/your-term/feed/

Some Recommended WordPress Plugins

Last year, Eric Juden, Jesse Lavery and I hosted an open discussion at HighEdWeb on using WordPress as a content management system. As part of that presentation, the three of us prepared a Google spreadsheet listing some of our favorite plugins. Keep in mind that this spreadsheet is currently almost a year old, but much […]

Quick Tip: Caching and Site Maps

Earlier this week, I discovered that some of the XML site maps being generated by various WordPress installations were sending 404 headers, making them basically useless to Google. After some digging, I found that the culprit was my implementation of W3 Total Cache on those sites. Basically, I had W3 Total Cache configured in the […]

Quick Tip: Finding Shortcode Usage In Your Site

We’ve all had those days when we’ve decided that we needed to remove an old plugin, but we need to figure out where that plugin might be in use before we can figure out how to solve the issues that were supposed to be solved by that old plugin. In a lot of cases, this […]