Quick Tip: Avoiding Conflicting Favicons With Genesis & JetPack

Update The┬ácode examples provided in this post were partially inaccurate. Please refer to the comments below to see a more accurate example of how to accomplish this. A few versions back, JetPack added a nice new module that allows site owners to easily set up their own “Site Icon” (generally known as a favicon). However, […]

Quick Tip: Genesis Easter Egg

This has already been somewhat documented throughout the Web, but for those that don’t know about it, Genesis includes an “easter egg” (it’s documented as such in the code) that allows you to turn any static page into a post archive. To do so, edit the “Custom Fields” for the page. Add a new custom […]

Genesis 2.0 – User Beware

Those of you that are using Genesis as your parent theme or framework may have noticed that there’s a new version available. Genesis 2.0 is a major overhaul to the old theme, including a fairly new structure, new hooks and actions, and completely new styles. However, if you’re using a custom theme built on top […]