Quick Tip: Removing “Views” Extra HTML

In some situations, we’re using the Views plugin (affiliate link) to make it easier to create and output extremely custom information. For instance, in one case, we’re using it to set up entirely custom XML feeds that can be quickly and simply tweaked within the WordPress dashboard. While we fully recognize that this isn’t a supported use of […]

WordPress 4.2.3, Shortcodes, and the Future

The WordPress Core team is hard at work trying to figure out how to move forward with shortcodes in the system. They posted an initial draft of the shortcode roadmap earlier this week, and it was met with a lot of discussion (some very productive, some not so much). They went back to the drawing board, and proposed […]

Quick Tip: Finding Shortcode Usage In Your Site

We’ve all had those days when we’ve decided that we needed to remove an old plugin, but we need to figure out where that plugin might be in use before we can figure out how to solve the issues that were supposed to be solved by that old plugin. In a lot of cases, this […]