Quick Tip: Adding New Feeds to WordPress

Adding a new type of feed to WordPress is actually fairly simple. The main function you need to use is `add_feed()`. The `add_feed()` function in itself is also extremely simple. It accepts two arguments: the “name” of the feed (the slug that should be used in the URL) and the callback function that outputs the feed.

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Quick Tip: Getting Feeds With More Than One Tag

In most normal circumstances, when you want to pull a feed from your WordPress site, you’re simply looking to pull one of the following: The main feed (all posts) – http://www.example.edu/feed/ A specific category – http://www.example.edu/category/your-category/feed/ A specific tag – http://www.example.edu/tag/your-tag/feed/ A specific term in a custom taxonomy – http://www.example.edu/your-taxonomy/your-term/feed/

Parsing RSS With WordPress

While fewer and fewer people may be subscribing to RSS feeds (I don’t know if the data actually bear that out yet or not), they are still extremely useful tools in the Web development arsenal. Parsing and using them within a PHP application can be a bit of headache for some, though. Thankfully, WordPress includes […]