St. Mary’s University website

Our main online presence, designed to attract and inform prospective students

Easter Egg: Dropping Extra Tables When Multisite Blog Is Deleted

I’m not sure why this isn’t more publicly promoted, but, while looking through some of the code for WordPress multisite this morning, I discovered a really helpful Easter egg. If you develop any plugins that add extra tables to a site, you really need to know about this. There is a filter that gets applied […]

Controlling JetPack in Large Multisite Installations

JetPack is constantly being updated, and it tends to introduce some really cool new features fairly often. However, occasionally, those new features can cause major issues in large multisite environments. There are a handful of plugins out there that let you gain some control over JetPack’s features. Most of them, though, such as Manual Control […]

MSUN Blogs

A Multisite installation designed to foster and capture faculty information and knowledge sharing.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

WordPress Multisite with a custom theme, based on the Bootstrap design of the University’s public site.

Quick Tip: Assigning Admins Within Multisite

Anyone with a large multisite installation has probably been there before; when you set up a new site, you set yourself as the main administrator just to get through the setup process, but then you want to hand it off to someone else. You go to Settings -> General in the administration area and put […]

Allegheny College

Allegheny College in Meadville PA is the national liberal arts college where 2,100 students with unusual combinations of interests, skills and talents excel.

New Multisite Plugin Beta: Plugin Activation Status

Tonight, I sat down and modified an old script I’d written, turning it into a real WordPress plugin. The plugin is tentatively known as “Plugin Activation Status”, and it’s developed specifically for multisite and multi-network installations of WordPress. What It Does This plugin first retrieves a full list of all of the plugins that are […]

John Carroll University

John Carroll is a private, coeducational, Jesuit Catholic university providing programs of study in the liberal arts, sciences, and business at the undergraduate level and in selected areas at the master’s level.