Welcome to WPHighEd

I am very happy to announce the all-new website WPHighEd. I’m hoping that the site will gradually grow into a community of people using WordPress at higher education institutions. Right now, there’s not much to look at, but hopefully that will change in the near future. Until then, here are a few notes:

Nov. 2013-March 2014 Stats: The UMW Website


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, so I’m going to try to consolidate a lot of information into a single post, rather than trying to break it out into 5 separate entries. This post will outline the¬†same stats we’ve looked at in the past, but it’s going to cover the […]

April Conference Updates

Robin, Shelley, Curtiss at edUI 2013

If you were looking to present at any of the conferences I’ve mentioned in the past few months, I hope you already submitted your proposals. Here’s a recap of what’s going on with the conferences coming up in 2014. WordCamps As always, you can check the WordCamp Central schedule to see which WordCamps are scheduled, […]

February Conference Updates

A few months ago, I wrote a post discussing some conferences to keep an eye on this year. Now, I’m back with a bit of news. The proposal process for HighEdWeb New England closed, so, hopefully you were able to get a proposal in before the deadline if you were interested in presenting there. Registration […]

WordPress vs. Drupal

I recently asked some of my colleagues to share their thoughts on how WordPress and Drupal compare. Among the responses, I did hear a few Drupal users point out that they thought Drupal was more secure than WordPress, or that it wasn’t possible for WordPress to handle large, complex websites (I would think that many […]

Thanks for a Great First Year!


I want to take a moment, before we move into 2014, to thank all of you for a great first year. It’s been quite a lot of fun putting together the posts that we’ve put together this year, and it’s been great knowing that people were benefiting from the information found here. In the coming […]

Chris Wiegman Joins iThemes

One of the members of our community has joined forces with one of the better-known providers of premium WordPress plugins. Chris Wiegman¬†worked for quite a while at Southern Illinois University, where he initially began to dig into WordPress, then went on to work for a short time at St. Edward’s University before moving out of […]

October Stats: The UMW Website


It’s been a little over three months since we began running event tracking on the UMW website, and we’re starting to get a little better picture of how people are using the site. Baseline Information The stats included in this article are pulled from the Analytics reports for the entire UMW website during the month […]

Quick Tip: Checking for Filters and Actions

Within WordPress, every once in a while you’ll need to see if a specific callback has been added to a specific action or filter. For instance, in my case, I needed to temporarily remove the callback that inserted the “Sharing” buttons via JetPack on some content I was re-purposing. In order to do that, I […]

2014 Conferences To Watch

edUI 2013 Presentation

The 2013 conference year is almost over (as is the 2013 calendar year, obviously). For me, my conference activity for the year concluded with edUI 2013, which was, yet again, an amazing experience. At this time, I’d like to take a look forward to next year to point out some of the great conferences that […]

September Stats: The UMW Website

Analytics Top Events September

Now that we’ve been running Event Tracking on the UMW website for more than two months, we can start to look at some of the patterns that are beginning to emerge. Granted, it’s still a relatively small sample size, and we can’t really begin to draw any major conclusions yet, but we can at least […]