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On Tuesday, the day after I presented the WordPress plugin workshop, I also had the pleasure of reprising the presentation that Shelley & I made together at HighEdWeb Pitt. This time, I presented the session by myself (as she did at HighEdWeb Northeast). The presentation is titled “Use the Tool, Don’t Be the Tool: Pro-Active vs. Reactive”.

If you’re interested in viewing the slides online, you can check them out over on my presentations site. As with the other presentations posted on that site, if you’d like to view the session with my speaker’s notes, you can press the “s” key on your keyboard to open the presenter view in another window. You can also print/save the presentation (without speaker notes) if you’re interested.

I also video’d this presentation, but haven’t had a chance to watch the video back, yet. If the video turned out decently, I’ll probably try to post that later.

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