2014 World Tour

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While it’s not quite going to be the whirlwind it was for me last year, I’ll still be popping up in quite a few different places attempting to drop some knowledge on attendees at various conferences again this year. There are some really cool topics being covered at all of these conferences, and each one is definitely worth checking out.

Here’s a quick rundown of where I’ll be this year (so far):

  • HighEdWeb Pittsburgh – already past – presented with Shelley Keith about learning to be proactive, instead of reactive. I will be reprising this presentation on my own at HighEdWeb Southeast, as well.
  • Using WordPress in Higher Ed Virtual Conference – May 29 – I’ll be keynoting this conference, exploring the usage of WordPress in higher education. I will also be presenting a 4-hour high-level workshop on this topic at HighEdWeb in October. There are some really cool topics being discussed at this conference, from a lot of different perspectives. Definitely worth checking out for “Web professionals” and “digital technologists” alike. You can still sign up to attend this virtual conference if you’re interested.
  • UBTech – June 16-18 – Mike Richwalsky & I are going to be reprising the half-day Special Interest Group we did at UBTech last year. We’re hoping to have a lot of audience participation and interactivity this year, hearing about your WordPress stories and examples. This conference is being held in Las Vegas this year. Registration is still open if you’re interested in attending; make sure you sign up for our SIG while you’re registering.
  • WPSummit – June 18 – I’ll be presenting on the use of WordPress as a content management system. I’m really excited about the line-up for this conference, as well. A lot of great topics from speakers that you don’t see on the circuit very often (yet). Registration is open for this virtual summit, with individual tickets & group tickets available.
  • HighEdWeb Southeast – June 23 & 24 – For this one, I’ll be putting on a workshop exploring how to build a WordPress plugin, as well as reprising the presentation that Shelley & I made together at HighEdWeb Pittsburgh. I’m pretty psyched about the new topics being covered at this one. Registration is open, with early bird pricing available until June 6. If you are anywhere in the southeast region of the US, I would highly recommend popping into this conference. It’s almost guaranteed to be a fantastic value.
  • edUI – Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – I am incredibly excited to be presenting a completely new workshop this year with Boon Sheridan. We’ll be exploring how to improve your website one piece at a time; delving deeply into the process of evolution vs. revolution. The schedule for edUI should be posted fairly soon. The list of topics I’ve heard about so far sound like they’re going to be awesome. This year, they’re putting together a great mix of new speakers and experienced speakers. Early bird pricing for edUI is not time-limited, it’s based on the number of tickets sold. At this time, approximately 100 early bird tickets remain; after those are sold, the price goes up. Make sure you register early in order to grab your ticket at the discounted price, and, if you’re involved in improving the architecture, design or content of your website, make sure you sign up for our workshop.
  • HighEdWeb 2014 – Oct. 19-22 – This year, I’ll be presenting a half-day workshop exploring the usage of WordPress within higher education. This is going to be similar to the SIG that Mike & I are presenting at UBTech, from a slightly different perspective. The full schedule should be posted pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that. From the tweets and Facebook posts I’ve seen so far, it looks like there are going to be some fantastic speakers and topics again this year (natch). Registration is open, with early bird pricing available until July 31.
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